Cassius Taylor  23 → Rude/Arrogant → Chris Brown → RESERVED

About this character:

downtown-rpg: "I didn't even know about your site to steal from your site"


Anonymous: "are you a brand new rpg?"


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Anonymous: "I think somebody copied y'all ---> welcometoatl-rp"



Anonymous: "lemme be t.i"

He’s a mascot.

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Rio Burke → 22 → Hood/Blunt → kidred → OPEN

About this character: The infamous Rio is not one to be played with. His threats are never empty and neither are his pockets. His thuggish attitude may catch you off guard but deep down inside, he’s really trying to make it something out of himself, which is why his drug selling profits are paying his way through college. You may see a careless thug on the outside as do others, but he’s so much more than that. 

Cashmere Baker → 21 → Scandalous/Ghetto →  lashontae → CLOSED

About this character: Cashmere is one of those girls you see with every guy in the school. Whether she’s doing “homework”, or “studying”, she’s always with a guy. You never catch her with one guys. It’s always a different everyday. Is she ashamed? No, she just moves on to next one and slap a hating ass bitch along the way. Regardless of if her ass wants her back, she will shade and cause a scene if she catches him with anybody else. Many people don’t call her a hoe because she knows she’s one. Everyone knows. So why bother?